KRONES PET blow molder-filler-BLOC (#101158)

Manufacturer: KRONES
Models: Contiform S24 / Volumetic VODM-PET 5040-140-113 / SV15
Output: 32,000 bph, 1.5 l PET – still water/water/CSD
Year of construction: 2004
Feeding: Bloc
Direction of rotation: R-L
previously used for: still water / carbonated water / soft drinks
17°C Filling temperature, Co2 content 3 g/l
1.5 l PET bottle – outer diameter 88.0mm – height 338.0mm Mouth BPF/PCO 28mm (type 28-3P) 3 threads
Cap Plastic screw cap
Blow Moulder: Contiform S24
– Rotating machine with 24 blow stations
– Heating module HZM13
– 22 Heating boxes
– Included: Roller sorter (Tanner), preform infeed with preform inspection INCLUDED: Cooler (KKT Kraus)
– Without: Tipper, chute, preform elevator, blow and mother moulds
Filler: Volumetic VODM-PET 5.040-140-113 / SV 15, pitch 113mm
Sealer: Zalkin
Visits by appointment. Dismantling, transport and commissioning by specialist company optionally possible.




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