KRONES product chiller for beverage industry (#201196)

Manufacturer: Krones
Model: Product Chiller RE-1WB-338/15
Output: 22.000 b/h
Year of manufacture: 2000
Number of ruts: 1
Effective width of ruts: 3380 mm
Number of zone:s 4

Cool down zone: Zone 1 connected to cooling tower provided by customer
Zone 4 connected to glycol cooling circuit

Container infeed temperature: 82°C
Container discharge temperature: 30-35°C
Total occupation time: 27,4 / 31,1 min
Steam pressure: min. 3 bar, max. 6,5 bar
Fresh water pressure: 3-7 bar
Water hardness: 12,3 d°H
Compressed air: 5-7,5 bar
Control Siemens: S5 115 U
Voltage: 400 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Control voltage: 24 V

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