2 x APOLLO spiral conveyors (101332)

Manufacturer: Apollo
Model: 1600-500-B3 / 1600-500-B4
Output: 21 m/min
Equipment: left up-load / left down-load
Delivery: promply
Direction: up load / down load

Spiral conveyor:
1 Up-load
Type 1600-500
Model B3
Conveyor width 500mm
1,25 turnings
Left up-load
Infeed height 1.250mm
Discharge height 2.100mm
Height difference 850mm

Spiral conveyor 2:
Down load
Type 1600-500
Model B4
Conveyor width 500mm
1,25 Turnings
Left down-load
Infeed height 2.100mm
Discharge height 1.190mm
Height difference 910mm

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