RADIUM various new lamps from remaining stock

Manufacturer: Radium
Condition: New
Models: HRL, HRI-E and RNP-E
Power: 400 W
Socket: E40

3 available types:
a) HRL 400W/230/E40 high-pressure mercury vapour lamps, ellipsoid shape
b) HRI-E/P 400W/D/230/E40 UV-EX protected, metal halide lamps, ellipsoid shape, coated
c) RNP-E/LR 400W/S/230/E40 high-pressure sodium lamps, ellipsoid shape, coated

a) 900 pieces (150 packages of 6 pieces each)
b) 576 pieces (48 packages of 12 pieces each)
c) 600 pieces (50 packages of 12 pieces each)

Partial quantities possible. We will be happy to send you complete manufacturer data sheets on request!



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