KRONES filler-labeller-bloc (#101384)

Manufacturer: Krones
Model: Mecafill VK-PET 060-113/SV 360-10-113/Canmatic 600-10
Output: 10,500 bph with 1.5 l PET bottle
Equipment: 0.33 l, 0.5 l, 1.0 l, 1.5 l PET bottle
Year of manufacture: 2000
Delivery time: immediately
Feeding: Bloc
Direction of rotation: L-R
Filling product: water and soft drinks with 8.50 g/l CO2 content at 20°C

Filler: Mecafill VK-PET 060-113, 60 filling stations, pitch 113 mm
Base handling in the filler inlet and outlet, neck handling in the filler carousel
Full protection in lifting version

Closer: Screw capper SV 360-10-113, make Zalkin
10 capping heads, cap Flatcap 1810 and Sportcap 1810
Sorting plant for sports cap, make Zalkin (new in 2015)

Labelling machine: Canmatic 600-10, 10 bottle plates, pre-cut wrap-around label
Turnstile controlled bottle table
Canmatic unit with Nordson spray nozzles for pre- and post-glueing
Structure of an inkjet dating system, Videojet 1650 UHS

Voltage: 230/400 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Control: Siemens S7
Without: cap feed

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