KETTNER Robot 3A Combi Palletizer (#201405)

Manufacturer: Kettner
Model: Robot 3A
Output: 2x 150L/h
Year of manufacture: 2000 / 2013 overhauled
Pallet: Euro and industrial pallet
Control panel: Touchscreen Power Panel 10
Door switch: locking with registration
Control :SPS Siemens S7 and B&R axis control

Equipment: Euro crate 400x300mm on industrial pallet in 9 lengthways scheme / module crate
400x300mm on Euro pallet in 8-piece cross scheme

Design: lifting column with toothed belt drive
Swivel arm with hook gripper head and overlapping centring
Payoff table with stopper bridge
Grouping station with feeder belt
Safety fence with light barrier protection

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