ZUMEX Speed PRO Podium Self Service Orange Squeezer

Manufacturer: Zumex
Type: Speed PRO Podium
Item number: Z-05224
Year of manufacture: 2018
Condition: as new, plexiglass (front) and one side part were renewed

Capacity: up to 40 oranges/minute
Storage basket: up to 20 kg oranges (max. Ø = 81mm)
Dimensions: 176 x 68 x 72 cm
Weight: 104 kg

Includes: bottle/glass presenter with 3 baskets, integrated pomace container and rolling base cabinet (Z-04732)
Included: Front panel with (plastic with label “Zumex”)

Tap triggers the pressing process when pressed

PRICE: EUR 4,400.00 net (negotiable)


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