HYWEMA tipping device with vibratory conveying system

Manufacturer: Hywema
Manufacturer conveying system: Knauer
Year of manufacture: 2017
Tilting device: Hywema KV 12
Location: 57223 Kreuztal, Germany
Outside dimensions: approx. 2668 x 2140 x 4752 mm
Width feeding: 2,25 m
Width: Output: 1,95 m
Nominal voltage tipping device: 400 V
Rated power tipping device: 2,2 kW

motor/pump unit hydraulic system: 5,8 l/min; 160 bar; 1,5 kW; 1445 rpm

Load capacity of traversing carriage: 4000 kg
load capacity tipping device: 1250 kg
load capacity vibrating chute: 250 kg/m²

weight of traversing carriage: 2550 kg
weight of tilting device: 1450 kg
Weight of vibration trough: 1650 kg

Mounting: Attachment to the hall floor

The conveyor system served as a feeder at a continuous washing plant in an automobile factory.

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PRICE: EUR 7,900.00 net


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