Spare parts package for KRONES Linatronic inspection machine


4 x clear glass panel L=418 B=568 S=6
2 x clear glass panel
3 x opal glass panel
1 x SEW Eurodrive SA47 AH90
1 x Continental STD 672 58M + belt gear
2 x CEDS Duradrive DAPE-0410.04400.00
1 x lamp unit
1 x computing unit
1 x Seiffert Systems Linatronic cooling unit incl. montage kit
4 x sawtooth belt 25 HTD 48M 2352
1 x 8 pole cable M12 plug + shielding
1 x system bus cirquit board
1 x valve control unit
8 x camera head Linatronic
2 x toothed belt HTD 1760 8M 30 Z=220
1 x protective glass for lamp unit
2 x protective glass panel
1 x frame seal
2 x frame seal
2 x frame seal
4 x Adjustable flow station
1 x Hirschmann RS20 Rail Switch
3 x Linatronic control computer
1 x Siemens Simatic Net CP AS-Interface + replacement PCB
1 x Siemens Sitop modular 40A 1/2 pn
1 x ground lens
1 x White LED ring light
1 x cylinder valve unit
1 x replacement magnetic valve for cylinder valve unit
1 x small controller unit
1 x DC/DC converter
1 x DC/DC converter
1 x Input/Output module
1 x safety relais
1 x IFM elecronics distributor module AC2500
2 x relais 3sec 24v type b
1 x oil seal ring
1 x tensioner pulley
36 x pressure spring
1 x Futaba mini servo S3107
4 x ball bearing cx 16007-2RSLG622
3 x gas spring
2 x ring brush
2 x toothed belt HTD 10T 5x1380mm
2 x Festo CPV10-GE-ASI-4E4A-M8
1 x LED lamp contour RGB
1 x LED lamp wall
2 x roller guide
1 x ZAE gearbox 90-1094-14-1a i=14,5:1

Individual and partial purchases are also possible.

We will be happy to send you further information on the components on request.



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