Entire compressor room with accessories and piping


COMPAIR L11-10 screw compressor
Year of manufacture: 2004
Weight: 205 kg
Volume flow: 1,41 m³/h
Suction pressure: 1 bar
Stage pressure: 10 bar
Speed: 3000 rpm
Engine power: 11 kW

MASCHINEN UND BEHÄLTERBAU GMBH MB MB 030103-1.1000 Pressure vessel
Year of manufacture: 2004
Volume: 1000 l
pressure: 11 bar
Maximum temperature: 50 °C
Minimum temperature: -10 °C

FST DFX 18 filtration unit refrigeration dryer
Year of manufacture: 2017
Compressed air: 14 bar
Minimum temperature compressed air: 14°C
Maximum temperature compressed air: 55°C
Refrigerant: R134.a 0,42 kg
Minimum temperature refrigerant: -10°C
Maximum temperature refrigerant: 120°C

DRUKOMAT oil separator



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