2 pcs. ALKOMA VST application tables for profile scouring

Manufacturer: Alkoma
Type: VST
Available quantity: 2 pcs.
Year of manufacture: 2012
Weight: 500 kg
Dimensions: 7000 x 1200 x 1200 mm

Movable application tables for semi-automated foaming of profiles up to 6.5 m long, incl. suction and clamping device. The tables were operated in combination with the high pressure foaming unit Cannon AP10.

The whole plant can be inspected ready for operation at any time!

Separate offer:

High pressure foaming line Cannon AP10, Year of manufacture 2010

The Cannon AP machine is designed to dose and mix polyurethan resins for the production of low density, medium/low output rigid foam. The design of the AP dosing machine is extremely rational, practical and compact.The steel frame of the unit is used to hold all the machine components. The HD mixing system eliminates the need to flush the mixing chamber after the shot, making the AP series extremely environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Location: Pirmasens



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