DS AUTOMOTION Automated guided vehicle KM-016

Manufacturer: DS AUTOMOTION GmbH
Machine type: Industrial truck
Design: Automated guided vehicle (AGV)
Year of construction: 2018
Operating hours: 504 hrs
Mileage: 870 km
Condition: good (expert opinion by Dekra)
Speed v min.: 0.1 m/s
Speed v max.: 1.2 m/s
Transport load: 1,200 kg
Drive type: Servo geared motor, brushless
Drive power: 2x 1.09 kW
Operating modes: Automatic (control station) or manual operation (wired remote control)
Power supply: Lithium ion battery 24 VDC (25.2 VDC)
Make: Triathlon
Battery capacity: 100 Ah
Battery weight: 50 kg
Area of application: closed room, max. 80% humidity

Length FTS: 1,650 mm
Width FTS: 990 mm
AGV height: 505 mm
AGV ground clearance: 30 mm
Max. length of goods to be conveyed: 2700 mm
Max. width of transported goods: 1800 mm

Location: Dresden



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