2 x SMARTTECH 3D Position Control System 3D scanners

Manufacturer: Smarttech 3D
Model: Position Control System – scan3D surface 10 MPix
Year of manufacture: 2017
Dimensions: 1800 mm x 1250 mm x 350 mm
Accuracy: 0,7 mm
Range of application: Production and assembly lines, quality control

1 x measuring stand with tilting and rotating frame
2 x 3D scanner (scanning heads) scan3D surface 10 MPix
1 x Software SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software

The measurement is based on the analysis of the surface curvature. The deformation is detected by the detector built into the scan head. During the measurement the image of the detector is converted into a point cloud by the control software. Each of the points describes the geometry using X, Y, Z coordinates.

Then the system allows personalized analysis and reporting.

The scanners can also be purchased separately

Visits by appointment. Dismantling, transport and commissioning by specialist company optionally possible.



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