Pilz PSEN me1S / 1AS safety switch with standard actuator

Manufacturer: Pilz
Type: me1S / 1AS
Type of guard locking: spring force
Pull-out force: 27 N
Latching force: 1500 N
Auxiliary release: yes
Actuator: Standard
number of closers: 2
number of openers: 2
Voltage at AC1: 240 V
Max. Current at AC1: 2.5 A
Voltage at AC15: 230 V
Max. Current at AC15: 2.5 A
Supply voltage (V): 24.0
Type of supply voltage: AC/DC
Power consumption AC: 4.4 VA
Power consumption DC: 4.4 W
Protection class housing: IP67
Dimension width: 42.5 mm
Dimension height: 184.0 mm
Dimension depth: 51.0 mm
Gross weight: 416 g
Net weight: 337 g
Ambient temperature: -25 – 70 °C

PRICE: EUR 80.00 net


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