MIYACHI welding table with head welder and power source

Complete workstation with table and foot pedal

Manufacturer: Miyachi
Type head welder: MH-21 A
Type power source: MEA-100A
Condition: good

Head welder with foot pedal

Electrode force: 19,6 to 137,3 N
Electrode diameter: 4 or 6 mm
Stroke length: 20 mm
Compressed air: 3,5 to 5 bar
Weight: 3,5 kg

Resistance welding power source

Type: AC
Welding control modes: 4 pcs.
Welding schedules: 31 pre-programmed
20 kVA (10% duty cycle, 200 V AC input)
26 kVA (10% duty cycle, 400 V AC input)
31 kVA (10% duty cycle, 480 V AC input)

Price: 7.500 € net (negotiable)


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