DESMA 966.215 ZO Vertical injection molding machine

Manufacturer: Desma
Type: 966.215 ZO
Year of manufacture: 1990
Location: Serbia
Stroke volume: 1500 cm³
Clamping force: 2500 kN
Injection pressure: 2000 bar
table height: 1.000 mm
Clamping system: with swing-in unit
voltage: 380 V
motor power: 26 kW
cooling water: 1 m³/h
weight: 5,5 t

– Injects from above (type ZO)
– Ergonomic overall design of the vertical machine
– Generously dimensioned clamping unit
– Extensive automation possibilities of the vertical machines
– “One Piece Design” for maximum flexibility

The machine closes with a swing-in unit, i.e. the clamping unit closes, then a spacer unit swings in, then the clamping high pressure is applied.

The machine belongs to a German company and has been in operation and running perfectly in their Serbian plant until recently.



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