VIBRA SCHULTHEIS WFT Vibratory cooling bowl feeder

Manufacturer: Vibra Schultheis
Type: WFT 12/6-58-DV
Year of manufacture: 2017
Condition: very good
Included: screw conveyor; vibrating conveyor pipe with vibration motor drive.
Total height: approx. 9250 mm
Effective conveying height: 5800 mm
Outer diameter: Ø 1200 mm
Conveyor cross section: 300 x 100 mm
Feeding height: approx. 1650 mm (machine)
approx. 3100 mm (incl. support)
discharge height: approx. 8900 mm (incl. support)
number of spiral shelves: approx. 32 pieces
heat exchanger surface: approx. 27,5 m²
number of cooling/heating circuits: 32 pieces
Material: stainless steel

So far in use for conveying and cooling of granules and glass fibers (approx. 2.5 t/h)

Free loading; Currently, the device can still be viewed built in operation.



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