GEA Grasso M / EA-5A screw compressor unit 22 bar

Condition: As good as new

Container has not been in use. Was ordered for a large project, but never put into operation.

Manufacturer: GEA
Type: Grasso M / EA-5A
year of manufacture: 2019
perm. operating pressure: 22 bar
volume flow: 490 m³/h
empty weight: 2100 kg
refrigerant: R717
dimensions: 2.200 x 1.180 x 1.940 mm
frequency converter: Danfoss VLT with 132 kW

1 x blowdown tank Aprovis 18180678-MSK
3 x thrust drive ARI Premio Plus 2G 2.2 kN
5 x gate valve Ari 1.0619N
3 x gate valve Ari JL1040
2 x shut-off valve KSB nw-6150BQ0465
3 x diaphragm valve KSB SISTO-16 TWA
1 x turbine volume measuring part / heat meter MWN130-NC
3 x KSB amri ACS 02ACCNY005 shut-off valve
3 x strainer ARI
6 x gate valve Ai Ziva-G 1.4581



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